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Snow Stanger

Communications & Customer Support Specialist

Communications & Customer Support = CCS

What's this job about?

In a nut shell this position turns marketing plans into actions. In other words, this position makes things happen on the ground…tactical execution.

So what does this mean on a daily basis?

One day you might be…

  • Developing a presentation to give to 140 international students at Virginia Tech or…
  • Setting up and staffing an information booth at an apartment complex or…
  • Reviewing and editing copy for a social media campaign or…
  • Assisting staff in developing a survey for public input or…
  • Sourcing, completing procurement paperwork to purchase 200 embroidered hats or…
  • Responding to feedback received from customers or…

Our favorite quote is "chance favors the prepared mind."





What you need to bring to the table

  • Very strong writing skills.
  • A desire to think and plan strategically before acting.
  • The ability to manage your own time and projects independently.

Apply, if you have this experience

  • Executed a marketing/communications plan in the past.
  • Consistently met due dates in past jobs.
  • Made formal presentations to groups on numerous occasions.
  • Some experience managing projects and executing tactics with little supervision.
  • Responded to customer service issues.

Benefits - FT

  • Paid Time Off. Our Flexible Leave Plan is "flexible."  The longer you stay with us the more time off you’ll earn.
  • Excellent low cost Health, Dental and Vision Insurance. Depending on the plan you select, your monthly premium may cost you NOTHING. YES, $0 per month! Our health insurance plans and rates are some of the best out there – even when you add your family!
  • Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. It’s that simple, everyone works together as a team and we take a lot of pride in a job done right.
  • Retirement. We’ll help you get to retirement one step at a time through the state provided Virginia Retirement System!
  • Holidays. In addition to our flexible leave plan we also provide an additional 13 paid holidays.
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How to Apply

Apply by submitting an application to the Town of Blacksburg via the link below. Position closes at 5 pm on Friday, 5/19/23.

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