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Which route should I use?

BT has 16 routes in Blacksburg, all of which go to campus. If you're off campus, simply stand at a bus stop and wait for a bus. Use our trip planner (or app) to help you find which route to use!

Which route will take me to campus?

All routes lead to campus! Think of Virginia Tech as the hub of a wheel and the routes as the spokes...all of our Blacksburg bus routes go to campus.

How can I tell which route a bus is operating on?

The route name and/or 3-letter route code are displayed in three places on every bus: above the windshield, on the side of the bus by the front door and on the rear of the bus. Still not sure? Just ask the driver!

Why is it important to know my stop number

Each bus stop is uniquely identified by a 4-digt number than can be used in the app to find which route serves your stop and when the bus will arrive.

When's the best time to catch a bus?

On average, the busiest time in a morning is 30 minutes before every class begins and in the afternoon the busiest time is 30 minutes after every class ends. As a general rule, there should be fewer riders outside of these times. We recommend starting at least 30 minutes early!

How often do the buses run?

When VT classes are in session (full service) most routes operate every 15 minutes, Mon-Fri. During evenings and weekends buses are less frequent, usually every 30-60 minutes

How early/late do the buses run?

When VT classes are in session, service starts at 7 am, Mon-Fri, and runs until 12:45 am or later. Service begins at 9:30 am on weekends. More info can be found at

Which times are estimates and which are guaranteed? How do I tell the difference?

There are two fixed time points on each route, one on campus and one off campus, usually at the halfway point of the route. The bus will often sit at these two locations and cannot leave before a certain time, these are known as time checks. If viewing the bus tiemetable these are the only two stops listed, however if you're looking at the app or website it's harder to distinguish as all stops are listed. As a general rule treat all the times as estimates and arrive at least 5 minutes early. Routes & timetables.

What does full and reduced service mean?

BT operates on full service when VT classes are in session and on reduced service during all other times, such as summer and winter break. During full service, all routes are in service, buses are most frequent and the service day is longer. During reduced service, most routes are in service with less frequenecy and service ends earlier. More information at

Where can I travel by bus?

Anywhere and everywhere in Blacksburg, including campus and off-campus destinations such as, major apartment complexes, grocery stores, entertainment centers, recreation centers, restaurants, doctor's offices, the Math Emporium and the Corporate Research Center. BT has 16 routes that cover almost all of Blacksburg! List of routes, System Map.

Will the bus stop anywhere, or does it have to be a bus stop?

BT buses may only stop at identified bus stop locations. Outside of a time check a bus will only stop if there is a passenger waiting at that stop, or if the stop request cord is pulled. Drivers will not automatically stop at every stop.

Can I take the bus to Christiansburg

Yes, the Two Town Trolley departs Squires once an hour traveling to the shopping areas in Christiansburg. If you need to get further into Christiansburg, just transfer to one of the Explorer routes to continue your trip. Bus service in Christiansburg.

Can I bring my bike or scooter on the bus?

Buses are equipped with bike racks on the front of all vehicles. Simply unfold the rack, lift your bike into place and use the arm to sceure the front wheel. Bikes are not permitted inside the bus.

Skateboards and folding scooters may be brought on board, providing there is sufficient space and they can be securely stowed between seats.

What does priority seating mean?

Priority seating is reserved for persons with disabilities and passengers should make these available to those who need them. These seats are located near the front of the bus and extend to the first set of front-facing seats. 

I lost something on the bus, how can I get it back?

If you find something on the bus, please turn it in to the driver and they will secure it. 

If you left something on the bus, the best way to retrieve it is to catch up with the same bus. As a general rule the same bus will return to the same stop every 30 minutes. If you're unable to do this, fill out our lost and found form or give us a call at 540-443-1500.

Can you put more buses in service?

We hire drivers year-round and have been busy hiring and training many new drivers, simply put we still need more! We’re always looking for more drivers, so if you know someone looking for a job we start out at $17.52/hr with paid training and it makes a great part time job! We’re hiring! 

Are Hokie P's required to ride the bus?

No, we're fare free so no money or passes are needed!

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